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Vesta is an electronic device that allows a woman detect ovulation using only a drop of her saliva. Detecting ovulation, as everyone knows, helps a woman get pregnant, or, on the contrary, helps prevent unintended pregnancy. Here's why Vesta is the best solution to natural family planning:

  • Vesta is extremely easy to use
  • Vesta is clinically proven to be 99.6% accurate, which makes Vesta the most accurate fertility monitor that has ever been created
  • Vesta is fast - it takes only one second for the device to tell if ovulation is present or not
  • Vesta can be used an unlimited number of times - you are not going to need to constantly spend your money on expensive throw-away test sticks
  • Vesta is a result of years of research and development done by experts from different fields such as medicine, chemistry, physics and engineering
  • Vesta is easy to carry around - it's very small (62x62x23 mm) and light (37 g)
  • Vesta has a European certificate of conformity
  • Vesta comes with a 12-months warranty

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